The People’s Palace of Possibility

“If the thing is impossible, you need not trouble yourselves about it; if possible, try for it” (John Ruskin)


Dear concerned citizens,

This is an invitation to help build the People’s Palace of Possibility: to discover distant utopias, air your frustrations and fears, and to take action to realise a better – or at least less bleak – tomorrow.

The Palace has many residents, nearly all of whom want to help you. Please arrive promptly. There’s really no time to lose.

This participatory installation experience is built in collaboration with audiences or ‘Palace Citizens’ each night. It combines performance, conversation and soundscapes made up of interviews with dozens of academics, friends, children and past citizens to create a truly utopian evening.

We will be presenting work-in-progress versions of The People’s Palace of Possibility THIS AUTUMN:

20th October 2019, at Warwick Arts Centre as part of CHANGE FESTIVAL. Tickets here.

7th November 2019, at The Gregson in Lancaster as part of ESRC Festival of Social Sciences. To reserve a free place, please email

This project is currently in development, to see some audience feedback & photos of our initial R&D at Millennium Gallery and Theatre Delicatessen see below.

“Such a thought-provoking and enthusiastic, imploring installation. More, more, more please!” (Audience response, Millennium Gallery Sheffield, May 2019)

“There were just the right balance of activities- beautifully thought out and executed.” (Audience response, Theatre Delicatessen Sheffield, July 2019)

“A great space for collaboratively thinking about the future and how we want to get there!” (Audience response, Theatre Delicatessen Sheffield, July 2019)

“It was very inspiring and F.U.N!!” (Audience response, Theatre Delicatessen Sheffield, July 2019)

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The development of The People’s Palace of Possibility is supported by The Guild of Saint George, Ruskin in Sheffield, Sheffield Theatres and the Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity.