Goodbye Sun and Bear

fringe poster bear more sun31st July to 17th of August 1.05pm, C Nova Studio 2

Goodbye Sun and Bear is a tale of looking for things in the snow; most notably, an escaped circus bear, a boy named Luka, and some warmth.

Luka navigates blizzards the size of five winters to find Alpa the bear. His parents race after him into an ever-expanding winter, fearing for his life. In the snowstorm Luka chances upon a troop of pseudo “doctors” bellowing their cherished memories into the snow, warding off the all-encompassing cold, and delighting in their resultant lack of hypothermia. All the while Alpa’s whiskey-soaked trainer descends into guilt-ridden madness. The piece features a live original score and puppetry. Through the heart-warming tale of a boy and his bear The Bare Project aims to raise awareness and stimulate discussion about mental health issues, specifically autism, depression and alcoholism. Stigmas concerning mental health are still rife in society today. This issue is finally beginning to be discussed publicly, in newspaper articles and documentaries. We feel that the medium of storytelling is a natural way to contribute to the growing movement of challenging these stigmas: by celebrating vivid characters who are honest about their struggles to be happy. Goodbye Sun and Bear was originally performed as an immersive theatre piece (Bear with Snow). In this adaptation The Bare Project wishes to maintain this participatory atmosphere whilst presenting the story in a small intimate space. Cast/Crew: Writer/Musical Director/Designer: Joesph Houlders Director/Designer: Malaika Cunningham (Max) Stage Manager/Designer: Sarah Balchin Luka: Sarah Sharp Grizzly Bo Vinglasi: Josh Finan Ted: Dominic Corfield Klara: Katherine Farquar Slip/Eider: Sian Baxter Doctor A: Alice Ordish Doctor B: Anna Read “As if Angela Carter, queen of magic realism, had written ‘Where’s My Teddy?’, ‘Goodbye Sun and Bear’ by the Bare Project takes the audience on an unexpected journey through the snow.” (Ed Fringe Review, August 2013) Full review: “A beautifully whimsical piece put on by The Bare Project that brings a little extra sunlight into this year’s Fringe.”  (Ed Fest Magazine, August 2013) Full Review: “Enchanting…with great artistic vision.” (Three Weeks, August 2013) Full review: “a beautifully crafted, charming and a touching piece of theatre, also wonderfully and magically performed.” (Audience Member, Edinburgh Fringe, 2013)


DoctorA Doctors goodbyesunandbear 079 Grizzly JulyAugust2013 166 JulyAugust2013 188 JulyAugust2013 180 SlipEiderTedandKlara JulyAugust2013 192 JulyAugust2013 201

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