Story Swap Cafe


Where the price of a drink is a story.

In our first Story Swap Cafe, in 2014, we collected over 1000 stories in a month. It was clear: either people wanted to tell stories, or they really wanted free tea. Both are probably true.

Since then the Story Swap Cafe has re-emerged at Migration Matters Festival, the Sheffield Creative Guild and, most recently, along the Sheffield-Tinsley Canal.

As part of our ongoing collaboration with The Canal & Rivers Trust, we are curating a special kind of Story Swap Cafe that focuses in on how the canal brings the communities of Sheffield together. We want to hear your memories of the canal, your ideas for the future and collect these together to create an oral timeline of the life lived on the canal from past-future.  Catch us on the 22nd February at Victoria Quays:

You can listen to some of the stories from Migration Matters collected here:

And a selection of birthday stories from the Creative Guild’s 1st birthday here:

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