Rebuild Festival 2017

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Rebuild is a music & arts festival by Mester’s Events in South Derbyshire premiering in 2017, focusing on environmentalism & sustainability. The festival will take place between 7-9 July 2017.

Festival-goers find themselves in a post-apocalyptic world and it’s up to them to rebuild society in an interactive playground featuring five music venues, immersive theatre, commissioned art and decor as well as an extensive programme of workshops and discussion groups.

A highly narrative driven immersive festival, Rebuild invites survivors into a sanctuary where they can party at the end of the world whilst working together to design a new one. This festival aims to take people outside their normal day to day narrative and challenge them to explore alternatives, learn new skills to help make them more self-reliant, engage with the environment and, of course, have a damn good weekend. We’ll be hosting permaculture workshops, discussions on society and culture, heritage craft skill sessions, foraging walks and much more. It’s not a festival about the end of the world, it’s a festival about the world we could build. We want people to leave the festival with something positive to take back with them and a renewed sense of connection with the natural world.

The performance strand of Rebuild is an integral part of the festival in creating the atmosphere of exploration, play and imagination, needed to address the political issues raised.

The Bare Project and Mester’s Event will be providing commissions for emerging and established artists working in immersive & outdoor performance to create or show existing work for the festival. We are offering five commissions for UK-based performance artists and theatre makers for works around the themes of the festival- ‘rebuilding society’ and ‘sustainability’. The work should reflect and promote the narrative of the festival – that festival-goers are the remaining survivors of apocalyptic disaster and are tasked with rebuilding civil society. We are particularly interested in work that encourages participation from audiences and encourages them to consider how they build communities. We will provide producing support and rehearsal space suitable for the successful companies in the run up to the festival and contribute towards travel costs.

The offer

2 larger commissions for new works – fee £1,500 each

3 smaller commissions for adapting existing works – fee £500 each (these works can be adapted to be more relevant to the themes of the festival)

Artist/company will receive a festival pass for each performer and every artist can bring one guest, who will also receive a festival pass

Please note you can apply for both commissions if you wish.

To apply

If you would like to apply please email a proposal of 2 pages maximum including details about:

  • You/your company
  • The performance you would like to show/develop (including what form it takes, length, proposed number of performances throughout the festival, reviews if existing)
  • Technical requirements (please note performances should be low tech)
  • Why you would like to perform at Rebuild festival
  • Some visuals to support your application

Please send your proposals or any questions to:

Deadline for applications is midnight on 31st March 2017.

The performance strand of Rebuild Festival is supported by Arts Council England.