On the Outskirts of a Large Event


You saw what looked like the world ending. You blacked out, and woke up in solitary confinement. The people who watch you via CCTV wear Hawaiian shirts and argue about the news, the weather, and genocide. It is unseasonably hot, and it is getting hotter – unbelievably so. On the Outskirts of a Large Event tells the story of a massacre, from the perspective of those who are initially on the edges of it.

This project will be touring across the country in Spring 2018. Watch this space!

Writer: Joe Houlders
Director: Malaika Cunningham
Sound Designer: Lee Affen
Light and Video Designer: Will Monks
Performers: Rose Gray and Nicky Blackwell

To see an early scratch of the piece (after two weeks of R&D with Sheffield Theatres and York Theatre Royal) please see: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UkW4tD9YD6Q

Filmed and live streamed by Pilot Theatre

On the Outskirts of a Large Event has been generously supported by Arts Council England and York Theatre Royal