Call-out for artists & activists to work with us in Rotherham!

Call-out for artists & activists to work with us in Rotherham!

Are you an artist, facilitator, or activist interested in land & food justice, and utopias? Come and work with us in Rotherham on The People’s Palace of Possibility!

The People’s Palace of Possibility is an outdoor installation which asks how we find energy and hope for the future, despite the fear and anger we feel today. It is a place for connection and solidarity: sitting down and sharing a cuppa with a stranger, listening to a talk, taking part in a workshop, feasting together and imagining alternative futures.


We are looking for arts workers, theorists, activists, food and land workers to deliver a wide mix of workshops, walks, performances, talks, artworks, meals & meditations.

The types of activities that would work well in the Palace will encourage thought and reflections about our world, providing a place for ‘utopian scheming and rageful dreaming’. Be that listening to traditional music inspired by the natural world, creating our own podcasts, learning about the earth beneath our feet, walking through a woodland together, cooking with foraged foods, taking part in a discussion about land justice, sharing cultural traditions, reflective and healing practices, or something entirely different. We want to hear from you about what you could bring to the People’s Palace of Possibility.

There are two ways you can be involved in the Palace.

  1. Workshops & interventions – this could include meals, walks, discussion sessions or more.
  2. A micro commission for an artist to create a durational piece during our residency – we are really open to what this might look like, but it may include moving images/ projections, a herb garden, visual art, sound design, contemporary or performance art.

We will cover the costs of prep & delivery time (fees will be based on a day rate of £200, number of days will vary according to project) as well as essential material costs.

If you are interested in working with us then please email with no more than 1 side of A4 paper about your proposal. You are also welcome to share your idea with us via a short video or audio clip (2 mins max). Please include any links to your work, social media handles and/or websites if you have them. The deadline for your proposals is Wednesday August 2nd.

These proposals are intended to be the beginning of conversations rather than detailed plans. Selected proposals will be invited for follow-up conversations as we begin to confirm the programme.