Bear with Snow

December 2012

As temperatures plummet in Sheffield, this timely offering from The Bare Project is innovative, interactive fun. Steve Grigg, Sheffield Star


4th-8th December 2012, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield

Bear with Snow was our first production and brought our initial team together. We all started out thinking, ah, yes, lets do some immersive theatre and new writing at Bank Street Arts…little did we know a theatre company would be the result.

It was an immersive theatre performance in which the audience entered, not Bank Street Arts gallery space, but a snowy city with the circus in town. The whole gallery was our performance space and the audience wandered through with us.


It’s tale of looking for things in the snow; most notably, an escaped circus bear named Alpa, a boy named Luka, and some warmth. It featured a live original score, written by Joseph Houlders.

Luka is a one-child search party navigating blizzards to find Alpa. His parents race after him into an ever-expanding winter, fearing for his life. In the snowstorm Luka chances upon a troop of pseudo “doctors” bellowing their cherished memories into the snow, and delighting in their resultant lack of hypothermia. All the while Alpa’s troubled circus trainer descends further into a guilt-ridden madness. 


For this production we received very positive reviews from audience members and the press.

An inspiring production. I hope to see more from this theatre company. – Platform Theatre Festival

For a full review, please visit:


It was written by Joseph Houlders and directed by Malaika Cunningham.

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