About Us

The Bare Project is a theatre and interactive arts company, happily based in Sheffield. We have been making work together since 2012. Our form changes: sometimes it’s a script and a stage, other times an installation or a conversation. Right now we’re thinking about planting trees. We’re worried, but trying to keep it light.


We create surreal and strange work that is rooted in a desire to both understand and change the world around us. We believe that by entering other worlds we are better able to make sense of, and challenge the world we normally live in- and that we urgently need to challenge and change the world right now.


Often our work is co-created with communities, outside traditional theatre spaces, and we have performed in workhouses, empty shops, in Victorian factories and along canals. Often our work is informed by ideas and research from philosophy, psychology and politics, and two of our core team members are also social scientists. How we approach each new piece – where it might take place, its form, and potential collaborators – is always informed by the themes and questions posed by the project.


The Bare Project works with a broad range of artists and communities, and with each project our numbers swell. We prioritise collaborations with artists based in the North- particularly South Yorkshire. The core team, who define and create almost all our work, are: director Malaika Cunningham, producer and community arts practitioner Linda Bloomfield, writer Joseph Houlders, and sound designer Lee Affen. Find out more about them and our Associate Artists at the bottom of this page.

Mission Statement

As a company we aim to create beautiful and lasting artistic experiences for audiences, which are rooted in big ideas, citizen engagement and in-depth research. When relevant, we aim to co-create these experiences with communities (defined at times by geography, other times by social characteristics). We also aim to provide a platform for Northern artists to play with and push the boundaries of their practice.

To achieve these aims our objectives are:


  • To seek out and build relationships with local community partners and maintain our existing partnerships- in a way with meaningfully includes citizens in the development and performance of our work.
  • To openly and fairly recruit at least one new artist and/or creative to work alongside us on each new project. As well as maintaining and nurturing our existing collaborations with Northern artists and creatives.
  • To regularly seek out mentorship and training opportunities for company members, which will push forward our work as individual artists and as a company.
  • To maintain our commitment to Equal Pay amongst company members and artistic collaborators. Every company member is paid on an equal rate on every project, in line (or above) Equity minimums.

Who We Are

Bare Team

Malaika Cunningham

Artistic Director

Joseph Houlders


Lee Affen

Sound Designer / Composer

Linda Bloomfield

Company Producer

Associate Artists

Will Monks

Rose Gray

Sarah Lewis-Cole

Sally Proctor

Joe Bunce