About Us

The Bare Project is a theatre and interactive arts company based in Sheffield.


Our form changes from project to project: sometimes it’s a script and a stage, other times it’s an audio walk, an installation in a shopfront, a feast, or a festival.


Is it theatre?” Pass.


Our work is often created with communities, and other artists who join us. We adapt to what is around us. We strongly associate with the life of the chameleon.


Here’s a list of things we refer to when we get together to make stuff:


  •       Fictions that spill over into real life
  •       Carnivals, big exuberant spectacles
  •       Conversations with strangers over food
  •       Scary stuff: ghosts, environmental collapse
  •       Gabriel García Márquez and Angela Carter
  •       Unanswerable questions
  •       Music that makes you move around and admire things
  •       The electric thing of art that hits you and stays with you


We hope you’ll come along to something we’ve made some time soon.


Our core team are director Max Cunningham, writer Joe Houlders, sound designer Lee Affen, and producer Sally Proctor. Thanks for visiting our website. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for news about what we’re making and when we’re performing.

Bare Team

Malaika Cunningham

Artistic Director

Joseph Houlders


Lee Affen

Sound Designer / Composer

Sally Proctor

Community Producer

Associate Artists

Will Monks

Rose Gray

Sarah Lewis-Cole

Linda Bloomfield

Bethany Wells

Joe Bunce

Our Policies

We’re working on putting some of our company’s policies in the section below. If you have questions about any of your policies, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Fair & Inclusive Working Culture Policy

Last updated March 2023

Environmental & Sustainability Policy

Last updated March 2023

Privacy Policy

Last updated March 2023

Health & Safety Policy

Last updated March 2023

Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults Policy

Last updated March 2023