Writing Competition Announced!



We are creating a large-scale, immersive show called Time Passes. Listen. and we are looking for an assistant playwright to help us put it together.

This brief is designed to gauge the playwright’s ability to write plays in response to recordings of real stories.

We are interested in how you tell the story provided. Your methods of doing so can be as experimental as you like, although it is worth remembering that our project’s ultimate aim is to tell other people’s stories in as apt a way as possible. You should explain your choices in your commentary.

The winner of this competition will be a very empathetic writer, who is committed to telling other people’s stories sensitively.

For more info on submissions, check out our page on ‘Time Passes. Listen.’ under ‘Get Involved’

If You Win

You will become an assistant playwright on Time Passes. Listen. You will work with The Bare Project team to collect stories in September (roughly 1 day a week) and then work with our Head of Writing, Joseph Houlders, and Artistic Director, Malaika Cunningham, throughout October in creating the performance piece. You will receive expert feedback from Writing Yorkshire on the work you produce.

You will also be awarded £400.