//BUZZCUT// 2014 (from a volunteers perspective)

I (Sian) recently volunteered at this year’s 3rd //BUZZCUT// festival in Glasgow, birthed by the brains of Nick Anderson and Rosana Cade, and had such a great time I simply had to tell you lovelies about it. //BUZZCUT// is an inclusive annual FREE festival showcasing Live Art and Experimental Performance and this year was hosted all under one roof at The Pearce Institute, Govan, and what a perfect venue it was with the concept of strengthening and broadening communities at the heart of the festival. //BUZZCUT// hosted 5 days of live performances ranging from installations, durational performances, one-to-ones and even an open barber’s pop-up salon from artist’s at all different stages in their careers. The atmosphere was constantly electric and although I hardly knew anybody when I arrived I felt like I was part of a little family by the time I had left (and had glitter everywhere for days). Volunteering for this festival is absolutely essential and it could not run without its volunteers because the festival is FREE. I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of volunteering and I would urge anybody to do so. I was extremely well looked after with an amazing host and given FREE FOOD every day when I was volunteering. Why wouldn’t you do it? Check out their website and volunteer (or perform, of course) for next year’s festival, I promise you will love it, learn loads, meet amazing people and I will see you there! (Oh and a HUGE shout out to Becki Gerrard, the volunteer co-ordinator, for looking after all of the volunteers x)