Is that all there is to October?

We’ve emerged from the other side of a very busy time unscathed. Our set materials and costumes have doubled, leaving us wondering where our storage may be. We’ve widened our network of designers and performers and writers and, hopefully, audiences. We are trudging our way through labyrinths of receipts and photographs and payee codes and invoices. But the mountain is climbed and we are coasting down the far side, wiser I’m sure.

Yet, the nights went by so quickly. Up went the set for A History of New Beginnings: weeks of planning to culminate in a frenzied day of papering walls with old student papers, rigging red velvet curtains, flower arranging, scattering teeth and feathers, testing smoke pellets and putting up WW2 tents. And our nine new beginnings happened, four times in the space of an hour without a hitch.

A day of rest.

Then another day of last minute rehearsals, trips to Poundland for wire, glue and hand sanitizer, switching on countless battery powered tea lights, doing sound checks and untangling a fairy-light web. And six birthday parties happened, four times in four hours, with live music, a plethora of party hat construction and many delicious drinks. So we all went to the pub: audience, performers, writers, musicians and designers alike, and we danced.

Both nights went down so well, the organization paid off, and so much fun was had, and so many people surprised, immersed and made to smile (and maybe also laugh). And so we smile.

Now we enter a much needed time of hibernation. We regain our strength and rethink the overall picture of The Bare Project, with all our potential, talent and enthusiasm. We will emerge in Spring, if not before, with bigger, better and wider reaching projects, and we will look back on October, our busiest month to date and ask… Was that all there was to October?