A Busy Bare

Busy Bare

Dear readers. I am sorry it has been so long since our last post. We have been very busy at the Bare HQ. Which also means we have plenty of updates.

Firstly, we now have a Bare HQ, indeed, I am sitting in it right now with Katy next to me going through receipts. Ebay LOVE receipts, they have sent us 18 emails in the last 4 days. Not to mention PartyRama and CheapestPrintOnline. And yes, we have spent £118 on chattering teeth. We needed them.

We have cast and crew’ed our two upcoming productions. A History of New Beginnings boasts a 60 strong team and 22 Pages a modest team of 14. It’s certainly been a heady time keeping up with all these participants, but we are super excited to have such a big ol’ Bare family for the Autumn.

Unfortunately, Monty did not make the cut:

Iphone 092 Iphone 095

He was a bit too touchy feely:

Iphone 089

The set for A History of New Beginnings is looking very exciting and we will be sure to post photos for you. We’ve been working with Laura Jane Blake, an incredibly talented Manchester based designer. I spent last Thursday making clouds and dipping feathers in glitter.


The designer for 22 Pages is also an absolute star, Eleanor Coleman. Who is a third year Fine Art student in Nottingham. Picture birthday cards hanging from wires on the ceiling and gold dipped branches with little honey pots, and uber-atmospheric lighting and you’ll get the picture.

So, bring it on next week, I think we’re ready for you. Countdown with 9 days to go to A History of New Beginnings and 11 days till 22 Pages… (if you’re going to be in Sheffield on the 26th, do pop on down to Bank Street Arts, it’s going to be a right good shindig: live music, drinks a plenty, workshops and performance).