Edinburgh Fringe


So, I guess we thought that the Edinburgh Fringe would be an ideal place to blog: plenty of things to write about, plenty of exciting things going on with all things Bare. However, we evidently did not take into account the simple factors of crappy and unreliable internet in our lovely new town flat, how crazy busy we would all be with performing, watching theatre, watching comedy, watching poetry, watching gigs, drinking with other performers, blowing bubbles, dancing and of course, flyering. It all took its toll and after every day was done and I came home thinking of the following morning, back on the Mile, the blog suddenly seemed rock bottom of the To Do List. So, dearest readers, I apologize for the lack of reading material in the last (blimey!) 3 weeks.

I am back in London now, soon to return to Sheffield and pull my belongings out of storage and find a place to live. Whilst I relish in the London heat wave, I have some time to reflect on the Fringe.

For The Bare Project the Fringe was a great success! 1 5 star review 2 4 star reviews and a sold out show. Goodbye Sun and Bear was a hit within C Venues and word of its heartwarming and whimsical nature trickled up and down the Mile and into enough bars and hostels to give us good audiences everyday. (Apart from day 2 of our performances in which we had 0 people, depressing, but we made it back).

We also saw some amazing pieces of theatre: High Plains (A Western Myth) was a personal favorite of mine. An amazing performance from Ben Newman. The buzz around Nibhaya was totally deserved and left many of the Bare team unable to speak. We did not rush to the comedy we had been planning to afterwards. I was simply too moving and affecting to watch anything else that day.

We left the Fringe planning for next year and are full of hope and expectation as a company: ready for what the world throws at us next…and 22 Pages! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us and helped us to make Ed Fringe 2013 such a success.

Check out our Goodbye Sun and Bear page for more photos and reviews of our trip to the fringe.