We are now onto our seventh day of rehearsals for our production of ‘Goodbye Sun and Bear’.

Since the weather has been consistently glorious we have begun our days with stretches in Weston Park before races to the rehearsal space to keep our energy levels high. Yoga and breathing exercises have typically followed, focusing us for the day.

A lot has been accomplished; we have learnt our lines, blocked the scenes and mastered how to manoeuvre the bear puppet across the stage space.  We have addressed the characters’ back story, figuring out both what we know to be true about our characters and what is less tangible.  This has helped us to each become contextually aware of what has happened before the play begins. We are continually exploring our characters through sets of exercises, focusing on details ranging from their physicality and how they would undergo simple chores down to questioning what they would likely eat for breakfast and dream about at night.

We would all agree that the play is taking form and are looking forward to getting up to Edinburgh!

Anna x